Why would a person be more susceptible to personal injuries in the winter? After all, winter is just another season. Unfortunately, the winter can present significant risks when it comes to personal safety. Here, we want to discuss the most common causes of personal injuries that occur in the wintertime in Montana. We also want to talk about steps you can take to recover compensation for your losses if an injury does occur.

Slip and Falls 

“Oh, the weather outside is…slippery?” 

Yes, winter weather is on the way again. In Montana, most residents know that they will have to take precautions to avoid  . This includes taking precautions at home and being cautious when out and about in town.

According to data available from the National Floor Safety Institute, we know that slip and fall incidents account for around 1,000,000 emergency room visits each year. This is approximately 12% of all falls that occur across the country. 

As the cold weather settles in, ice tends to form everywhere. When icy conditions arise, slip and fall incidents are much more likely to occur.

Falling Ice & Objects 

What happens when heavy snow or ice begins to accumulate on the surfaces above us? 

Unfortunately, the answer is that heavy objects began falling from the sky. It is not uncommon for ice to form on a roof or other object and then break free and fall to the ground. Ice can be heavy, and when falling ice strikes an individual, this can result in severe injuries. This includes sharp icicles that can fall to the ground. The number one concern in these situations is head injuries that can occur as a result of falling ice.

In addition to ice falling and injuring individuals on the ground, the weight of the snow or ice can cause other objects to fall as well. This can include broken tree branches, shingles on a roof, wood panels, and any other object where ice or snow can accumulate.

Vehicle Accidents

Operating a vehicle in snow, ice, or when there is decreased visibility increases dangers on the roadway. When the winter weather settles into Montana, vehicle accidents typically increase. This is particularly true for individuals who do not have much experience driving during the wintertime. If you will be operating a vehicle in hazardous conditions during the winter, we caution you to slow down and take your time. We also want you to pay attention to your vehicle maintenance to ensure your engine and brakes work properly before the winter weather sets in. Use snow tires and chains appropriately.

Do You Need to Work With an Attorney?

If you or somebody you love has sustained an injury as a result of someone else’s actions, you may need to work with an attorney to recover compensation for losses. Not every wintertime injury will be the result of the negligent actions of someone else, but there are times when the actions (or inaction) of a property owner or another driver on the roadway do cause injuries. A personal injury attorney can help you investigate the incident, determine liability, and recover maximum compensation on your behalf.