Wrongful Death of Elderly Assisted Living Facility Resident


Wrong Death and Negligent Service of Alcohol


Denial Uninsured Motorist Coverage


Medical Malpractice


Negligence of Bus Lift Operator


Product Liability


Wrongful Death Semi-Truck vs. Automobile Collision


ATV Wrongful Death on Rural Highway


Automobile Negligence


Negligent Firearm Handling Resulting in Wrongful Death


Property Damage Caused by Negligently Ignited Wildfire


Medical Malpractice


Nursing Malpractice


Fractured Ankle caused by Negligent Automobile vs. Pedestrian Collision


Motorcycle Collision


Environmental Contamination to Ranch Land


Failed Business Venture


Medical Malpractice


Jury Verdict for Fraud in Sale of Business


Premises Liability Negligent Landlord


Truck Driver Negligence


Defective Automobile Fuel System


Jury Verdict for Negligence of Adoption Agency


Negligent Supervision of Horseback Activity


Product Liability – Defective Woodworking Machine


Defective Roadway Condition


Negligence of Drunk Driver


Auto Collision Resulting in Concussion


Underinsured Motorist and Medical Payment Benefits Arising out of Pedestrian Collision


Total Settlement for Negligent Left Turn in Front of Motorcyclist


Breach of Insurance Contract and Bad Faith Following Improper Denial of Homeowner Coverage


MVA resulting in Fractured Cheek Bone and Lacerated Lip


Internal Injuries Due to Negligent Supervision of Livestock


Trip and Fall on Hotel Property


Medical Malpractice Following Delayed Diagnosis of Eye Infection.

*Actual results obtained by Ragain & Cook PC attorneys. Individual case recoveries are highly “fact specific,” and no attempt is made herein to create expectation that the same results would be obtained for other clients in similar matters.