Carbon Monoxide – The Silent Killer

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is the silent killer; it’s odorless, invisible to the eye, and strikes quickly. Its symptoms are similar to the flu, meaning most people don’t even realize what happened until they are in the hospital. As winter continues, the risk of CO exposure in your home rises. Every year, more than 50,000 people… read more

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter driving is a way of life in Montana. The residents of this great state are accustomed to driving their vehicles in less than ideal conditions. However, not all drivers are veterans of Montana’s roads and Mother Nature has a penchant for challenging even the most experienced drivers. Prepare for any circumstance when driving; below… read more

Common Causes of Winter Injuries & How to Avoid Them

Many people are aware of the headaches that come with colder weather, but wintertime can also include some pretty bad body aches as well. Increased awareness and improving technology makes winter activities safer every year. However, accidents can happen in the best situations. Sometimes those accidents are the result of negligence or the willful act… read more

Vaccines, Religion & Medical Malpractice in Montana

Vaccinations have become an increasingly controversial topic, as more parents opt to not vaccinate their children or to delay key vaccinations. Most states, including Montana, provide for exemptions to vaccination requirements under certain circumstances. Taking advantage of this exemption carries consequences for pursuing medical malpractice claims, and you should be aware of the facts before… read more

Holidays Are the Busiest Time of Year on the Roads – What Can You Do to Stay Safe?

Traveling to be home with family, or to get to a vacation spot for the holidays, is an American tradition. We even include the busy traffic in our holiday songs! The busy traffic and weather conditions this time of year, however, often create conditions for more accidents. Learn how to stay safe on the roads… read more

Common Holiday Injuries & How to Prevent Them

Nothing takes the fun out of the holiday season like spending time in the ER for an injury. Unfortunately, this a time of year injuries are common. The Consumer Product Safety Commission tracks ER visits and found that from 2011 to 2015 there were 1,700 injuries that were clearly Christmas related with many more likely… read more

Preparing Your Car For Winter in Montana

In Montana, winter driving can be a nightmare. Black ice, snow, and blizzards can make driving dangerous, if not impossible, feat. Even in good winter weather conditions, the cold can impact the way your vehicle operates. It is important to prepare for seasonal driving by “winterizing” your vehicle. There are things you can do to… read more

Tips for a Healthy Spine & Preventing Spinal Cord Injury

October is National Spinal Health Month and while most of us know just how important, and sometimes fragile, our spine can be, it’s important to remember to take good care of it in everyday life. In celebration of World Spine Day on October 16, 2017, Ragain & Cook P.C. compiled a list of common spinal… read more

Brain & Head Injuries in School Sports | What To Know Before Your Kid Joins a Sports Team

Over recent years, the correlation between sports and head injuries has been well-documented, especially when it comes to football. CTE, or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a progressive degenerative brain disease associated with repeated brain trauma often suffered by athletes, has been making headlines for showing a correlation to suicide, aggressive behavior, depression, and impulse control problems…. read more

[Collision Analysis ] The Most Dangerous Intersections in Montana

While most fatalities occur on highways and in rural areas, more than 50 percent of all crashes in the United States occur at intersections. This is often due to the inherently unsafe nature of intersections, where multiple actions such as changing lanes and turning into the flow of traffic have high potential for car accidents… read more