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Offering Expert Legal Assistance to Victims of the Cogdell Memorial Hospital Data Breach. Fill up the evaluation form here.

Heenan & Cook announces its response to the recent data breach at Cogdell Memorial Hospital, part of the Scurry County Hospital District, which occurred on October 10, 2023. This significant security incident has potentially compromised sensitive Protected Health Information (PHI) of over 85,000 patients, including names, Social Security numbers, and medical details.

The firm voiced its concerns regarding the breach and is actively offering its legal expertise to those affected. 

This breach not only exposes patients to potential identity theft and fraud but also highlights the pressing need for robust digital security measures in protecting sensitive health information,” states John Heenan, a partner at Heenan & Cook. 

Heenan & Cook stands ready to assist victims of the Cogdell Memorial Hospital data breach with comprehensive legal services, from initial consultation to litigation. The firm emphasizes the importance of timely legal consultation to ensure affected individuals fully understand their rights and the avenues available for compensation. Victims are urged to seek legal advice to navigate the complexities of data breach repercussions effectively.

A data breach of this magnitude is a serious violation of privacy and trust. We are committed to providing the necessary legal support to ensure that victims are compensated and that measures are taken to prevent future breaches,” asserts John Heenan.

Individuals affected by the Cogdell Memorial Hospital data breach are encouraged to contact Heenan & Cook for a free consultation to explore their legal options.

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