“I was able to put my life together with the help I received from Jim Ragain.”

"I first met Jim Ragain in July of 2010. I was stuck in a hospital bed after a bilateral BK amputation. Jim and Lynette are two people I consider a second family. They were thorough and kept me informed every step of the way. I was able to put my life back together with the help I received from Jim Ragain. I would suggest Ragain and Cook to anyone that needs help after being injured and wants knowledgeable lawyers. Thank you Jim and Lynette I will forever be in your debt for all the help and support you gave my family."


“Joseph Cook, he’s a great lawyer. Honest and true...”

"Joseph Cook: He's a great lawyer, honest and true, but above this he is a friend to his clients. He worked hard for me and got a settlement I never dreamed of. If you were lucky to get this man as your attorney, you would be the luckiest people that I know."


“Joe got my medical bills paid, secured a fair payment for my truck and collected a great settlement...”

"I was in a car wreck that totaled my truck, left me injured and kept me out of work. Joe jumped on my case and began working right away. He got my medical bills paid, secured a fair payment for my truck damage, and collected a great settlement from the insurance company. When my uncle and cousin were hurt in a car wreck, I had zero hesitation recommending them to Joe."


“It was a huge relief having Mr. Ragain and his staff on my side.”

"I had an accident in August of 2013 that left me with a severe ankle injury that required several surgeries and months of physical therapy. This injury also had me out of work for several months. I was unsure of how to even tackle the insurance companies, bills, and paper work that were happening as I was trying to recover. It was suggested I get legal representation.

I called the Law offices of James Ragain and told them of my situation. They took immediate action to help me. From that point and forward Mr. Ragain and his associates took care of everything. I would get frequent updates and phone calls on my case. This was such a huge relief for me, having Mr. Ragain and his staff on my side, taking care of everything. My decision to retain an attorney insured me time to concentrate more recovery and getting back to my everyday life."


“We found Joe Cook to be the perfect fit for us."

“We found Joe Cook to be the perfect fit for us, very professional and knowledgeable about the way insurance companies work and how Montana Law could be applied to our advantage. Joe never made any "pie in the sky" promises and he was always upfront about what the recovery process would be like. I am sure that's one of the reasons we found out later that this firm commanded the respect of not only his colleagues, but the opposition as well. Our claim was one part of a complicated multi-party action and Joe worked very hard to help us navigate the journey. This firm gave our claim the credibility to obtain a full and fair settlement from the opposition without the additional risk and expense of a trial. We are fortunate to have had their services."

P.H. and G.H.