"Highly Recommended"

John Heenan is hands-down the best attorney I've ever worked with. To any and all seeking an attorney and firm in Montana, I would highly recommend John and his firm. Over the years I have had the experience of working with over a dozen attorney's in many states, both on the plaintiff side and the defense. I have been on both sides and at one time had 5 attorneys in 3 different states working with me on various legal matters. I can assure you that my experience with John Heenan far exceeds every attorney I've ever worked with. John always, took the time to answer emails, return phone calls, text messages and truly go what I would say is even above and beyond for professional attorneys. John and his firm represented my father when he was ran over in a wheelchair in a cross walk at Billings Airport. He died only 8 weeks out of the hospital and rehab and John represented our family after our father's passing. His professionalism, knowledge, and business sense was delivered to our family more like a good friend than an attorney. Sensitive to emotional family members, responsive to all, and completely transparent in what our position was, status of the case, planned paths and even explaining legal jargon when necessary. He truly cared. Not just about seeking the maximum compensation and justice, but also about really seeking to do what was right for all of us he represented. In the end we reached a very successful settlement on the case. If you're looking for an attorney who really cares about your case and doing what's right to every extent of the law, in a professional and courteous manner and speaking to you like a friend instead of one who's above you, talk to John and his firm. He didn't just "win a case" and treat us like a number. John brought peace and closure to our family and that is priceless.


“Joseph Cook, he’s a great lawyer. Honest and true...”

"Joseph Cook: He's a great lawyer, honest and true, but above this he is a friend to his clients. He worked hard for me and got a settlement I never dreamed of. If you were lucky to get this man as your attorney, you would be the luckiest people that I know."


“Joe got my medical bills paid, secured a fair payment for my truck and collected a great settlement...”

"I was in a car wreck that totaled my truck, left me injured and kept me out of work. Joe jumped on my case and began working right away. He got my medical bills paid, secured a fair payment for my truck damage, and collected a great settlement from the insurance company. When my uncle and cousin were hurt in a car wreck, I had zero hesitation recommending them to Joe."


“We found Joe Cook to be the perfect fit for us."

“We found Joe Cook to be the perfect fit for us, very professional and knowledgeable about the way insurance companies work and how Montana Law could be applied to our advantage. Joe never made any "pie in the sky" promises and he was always upfront about what the recovery process would be like. I am sure that's one of the reasons we found out later that this firm commanded the respect of not only his colleagues, but the opposition as well. Our claim was one part of a complicated multi-party action and Joe worked very hard to help us navigate the journey. This firm gave our claim the credibility to obtain a full and fair settlement from the opposition without the additional risk and expense of a trial. We are fortunate to have had their services."

P.H. and G.H.