Merry Marr


Merry Marr has many years of personal injury experience. Actively practicing since 2005, Merry has shown a commitment to client-centered representation, from practicing consumer rights law to managing the misdemeanor attorneys at the Office of the Public Defender. Throughout her career, Merry has been dedicated to working diligently to obtain the best possible outcome for her clients and has secured various high value settlements up to the seven-figure range.

Merry has also spent significant time in the courtroom and is prepared to fight for the rights of her clients. Merry’s greatest happiness comes from helping and supporting others.

Merry is excited to be working for a locally based firm and serving the people of Montana. Merry believes that client communication is key to success and to building a strong attorney-client relationship.

In her spare time, Merry loves to spend time with her dog, Sam. She also enjoys traveling and supporting animal rescues.