What are the most common pitfalls in brain injury cases, and how an experienced brain injury lawyer can help you avoid them

As a personal injury law firm that specializes in representing brain injury victims, we understand the complex nature of these cases. Brain injuries can have devastating and long-lasting effects on a person’s life, making it essential to pursue a claim to obtain the compensation necessary to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. However,… read more

Montana has Some Weird Laws!

Montana is a state with a unique set of laws, some of which may seem strange and quirky to outsiders. Here are some of the most notable oddities in Montana’s legal code. Firstly, it is illegal to bring a horse into a bar in Montana. This law may seem strange, but it has a practical… read more

Wells Fargo Active Duty Military Claims Investigation

Wells Fargo just got hit with a huge $3.7 Billion penalty for deceiving its customers, including customers who are active military service members. H&C is investigating Wells Fargo on behalf of active duty military clients. If you are an active duty military member, and Wells Fargo has taken your money by: failing to correctly apply… read more

Is There a Lawsuit Against Tylenol for Autism and ADHD?

There is a 20-30% increased risk of developing neurodevelopmental disorders when pregnant women use acetaminophen. Mounting evidence suggests that acetaminophen, also known as paracetamol, may be linked to behavioral problems in children. These problems include ADHD and autism. There is an ongoing lawsuit against the company that makes acetaminophen, Johnson and Johnson. So is there a link… read more

Growing concerns about the safety of Interstate 90

Every day, thousands of drivers travel across Montana on Interstate 90 (I-90), the east-west interstate highway that cuts through Missoula, Butte, Bozeman and Billings. Many of these drivers are well aware of the road’s poor conditions and have cited their growing concerns. State officials are quite aware of these concerns, reporting 30 deaths on Montana’s… read more

Montana Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Claims

Many individuals throughout the state of Montana served time at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Unfortunately, those who served at Camp Lejeune from the 1950s through the 1980s could have been exposed to cancer-causing chemicals in the water supply at the base. There may have potentially been millions of individuals exposed, including military service members,… read more

I’m a Lawyer with Deep Roots in Agriculture: Here’s Why I’m Suing the Manufacturers of Paraquat

By Joe Cook My background and heritage are in production agriculture across Montana, the Dakotas and Wyoming. I am named after my grandfathers- Joseph Cook and Patrick Goggins- both of whom dedicated their lives to production agriculture. My Montana State FFA and American FFA degrees hang beside my law degree on my office wall. With… read more

How Much Does an Injury Lawyer Charge in Montana?

Whether for a will or divorce or a DUI defense, many lawyers bill by the hour, with good lawyers charging hundreds of dollars per hour. In those instances, only those with the most money can afford to hire the best lawyers. When someone is seriously injured through no fault of their own, they often have… read more

Free Montana Living Will Form

We’ve sadly seen too often where someone is seriously injured and didn’t have a living will in place, leaving a spouse, children, or other loved ones to make their best guess at what their injured loved one would want in terms of medical care and treatment. The personal injury attorneys at Heenan & Cook know… read more

Can I Get a Settlement for a Car Accident Without a Lawyer in Montana?

Recovering compensation after sustaining a car accident injury in Montana can be challenging. Even though the vast majority of car accident cases are resolved through settlements with insurance carriers, there are times when a personal injury civil lawsuit becomes necessary. You need to know whether or not you can obtain a settlement for a car… read more