Can I Sue for an Organization Refusing Service Because I’m LGBTQ?

LGBTQ rights have been a flashpoint in US society for decades, including here in Montana. As the country looks at the legacy of the Stonewall Riots, we wanted to look at what rights LGBTQ people have in Montana. A recent report by the UCLA School of Law said that approximately 22,300 LGBTQ people n Montana… read more

How Dangerous can Motorcycle Lane Splitting Be in Montana?

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience. Those that own and regularly ride motorcycles cite their amazing ability to not only act as a form of transit, but to relax and distract them from the rigors of life. Although motorcycles are an enjoyable, efficient mode of travel, they are not nearly as safe to… read more

Montana 2019 Firework Regulations

Fireworks are a staple in all states on Independence Day and during other celebratory events. What better way to express the ultimate joy of the celebration than by witnessing beautiful fireworks light up the sky? Though watching fireworks can be an awe-inspiring experience, all Montana residents must remember that they are still dangerous. Fireworks are… read more

Bipartisan Bill to Aid Accountability in Drug Pricing

High drug prices can prevent patients from getting the medications they need to manage conditions and control symptoms. Outrageous costs of prescription drugs in Montana have led to thousands of patients foregoing medications that could significantly improve their lives. Now, U.S. Senator Steve Daines says a bill he is cosponsoring will bring long overdue transparency… read more

Should Schools Be Liable for Monitoring Their Staff?

Like any other employer-employee relationship, a school will be vicariously liable for the actions and misconduct of its employees in Montana. Thus, it is the school’s legal responsibility to reasonably ensure the safety and competency of its staff. Otherwise, the school could face liability for accidents, injuries, and crimes against its students in the hands… read more

School DUI Bus Crash Results in Student Injuries in Billings

School bus accidents can leave a devastating impact on children, families and an entire community. The families of Skyview High School witnessed this firsthand on April 29th, 2019, when an ambulance transported one student to a hospital in Billings, Montana after a truck rear-ended their school bus on Bench Boulevard North. Officials said they suspected… read more

Can You Get PTSD After a Car Accident?

When we think of car accident injuries, we typically think of broken bones, concussions, and whiplash. We rarely consider the emotional impacts these accidents can have on a person – but many car accident victims experience mental repercussions after their crash. One of the types of emotional damage you can experience after a car accident… read more

Can a Car Accident Cause Fibromyalgia?

The aftermath of a car accident in Montana can lead to significant mental and physical injuries. One injury that many victims of car accidents develop is fibromyalgia, a form of chronic pain that leads to a significant loss in your quality of life. If you believe that you developed fibromyalgia after a car accident, you… read more

How to Recover From a Car Accident

Thousands of Montana residents suffer injuries in car accidents every single year. The aftermath of these accidents can be devastating – you can experience injuries that require you to take weeks off of work to recover from, as well as expensive and unexpected medical bills and emotional repercussions that stay with you for a long… read more

Lawsuit Against Miles City Trainer Sparks Bi-Partisan Compromise Against Child Sex Abuse

A lawsuit filed by John Heenan of Heenan & Cook, along with Miles City attorneys Bryant Martin and Dan Rice, may change how Montana courts prosecute child sexual abuse cases. A high-profile case based in Miles City involves child sex abuse allegations against former athletic trainer James “Doc” Jensen, who abused at least 18 boys… read more