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Billings Bankruptcy Lawyer

Experienced, Attentive Business Law And Estate Law Counsel

There are many situations in life that are best handled with help from a knowledgeable, trustworthy attorney. People facing a range of legal concerns in Billings and surrounding eastern Montana communities find the guidance they need to make solid decisions and accomplish their goals at Oliver Law Firm.

Meeting The Legal Needs Of Individuals, Families And Businesses Since 1985

Are you struggling with more debt than you can handle? Do you need to draft your will or settle the estate of a deceased loved one? Perhaps you are preparing to form a new company, enter a contract or deal with other business law concerns. Attorney Philip R. Oliver has been helping people with matters like these for more than 25 years, and you can turn to our legal team for prompt, personal attention.

Personal Service And A Practical Approach To Problem-Solving

We have built our practice through wide-ranging legal knowledge and excellence in client communications. Whether you want to know if filing bankruptcy is the best debt relief solution for you, have decided it is time to draft your will and other essential estate planning documents, or need to navigate the probate process, we will talk through options with you and find the best approach.

Entrepreneurs and business owners turn to our firm with confidence when they want to select and form the right type of entity. We provide a full array of other services to small businesses and corporations, including contract drafting, review and negotiation; providing reliable counsel when questions and potential legal problems arise; and pursuing collections at an affordable hourly rate. Mr. Oliver can effectively address many of your real estate law needs as well.

Call Our Firm At 406-545-5779 Or Toll Free At 888-729-9309

Working with a lawyer does not have to be intimidating, stressful or overwhelmingly expensive. To schedule a consultation on a legal matter ranging from business to personal bankruptcy with Billings attorney Phil Oliver, contact us by telephone or email anytime.

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