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No matter how willing you are to negotiate your way out of a legal dispute, the opposing party may not be playing fair. Billings trial work attorneys John Heenan and Joe Cook carefully balance the need for flexibility with the need for assertive representation, helping clients get the results they need.

At Heenan & Cook, PLLC, we do not always end up arguing cases before a judge and/or jury, but we are always prepared to do so when necessary. Our firm’s success in a wide range of legal disputes stems from our willingness to take matters to court. This attention to detail gives us an edge in settlement negotiations when we present evidence that the opposing side knows will stand up in court.

Trial Work We Handle | Heenan & Cook, PLLC

We handle a wide range of legal disputes between individuals and commercial enterprises, including:

  • Business and commercial disputes: Disputes that involve shareholders, business partners, vendors, employees, employers, creditors, property owners and other parties with a stake in business dealings and breach of contract concerns.
  • Construction litigation: Property condition disputes, construction defects, lost productivity, compensation disputes, late project completion, safety violations and other legal disputes between property owners, lien holders, construction companies, contractors/subcontractors and creditors.
  • Property damage: Lawsuits against parties responsible for the destruction of public or private property, which may include fire damage, vandalism, oil spills and the cost of cleanup
  • Livestock and agricultural litigation: Agricultural land use, zoning regulations, boundary disputes, contamination, use of pesticides and herbicides, livestock and crop recalls, environmental preservation and other issues that involve agricultural suppliers, brokers, farmers and growers.
  • Professional negligence: Damages that arise when professional practices (i.e., dental practices, doctors, financial advisers, etc.) are suspected of breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract or misconduct that results in personal injury, property damages or financial losses.
  • Insurance bad faith: Insurance providers that fail to provide benefits for legitimate claims either through underpayment, delayed payments or denied claims.

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