All too often, people are injured in car accidents caused by drunk drivers. Montana was one of several states to clamp down on drunk driving this past year. In addition, law enforcement officials had a new weapon to use charge drivers with DUI.

Intoxicated drivers in multiple states must give blood samples. Montana, Illinois, Texas and Florida are among the states that passed laws allowing police to draw blood from someone suspected of driving drunk. The laws are intended to help deter careless drivers from causing serious injuries or death. The blood sample is additional evidence of drunkenness if someone causes a serious accident.

“The problem with repeat DUI drivers in this state is they become skilled in their craft,” Deputy Yellowstone County Attorney Rod Souza said in an interview with Transportation Nation. Souza notes that many repeat drunk drivers learn some of the quirks of the legal system and use these quirks to avoid a DUI conviction.

Souza explained that in the past, Montana was near the top for fatality rates linked with alcohol use.

Montana’s efforts to improve DUI enforcement in this state will certainly prevent from intoxicated drivers from hitting the road. However, the unfortunate reality is that people will continue to drive while under the influence. Although improved DUI enforcement will likely lead to more DUI convictions, a criminal conviction does little to compensate the victims of a drunk driver.

Nevertheless, victims who are hurt or who had loved ones killed by drunk drivers do have rights. Victims have the right to seek compensation from the driver who caused their injuries. In addition, those who supplied the alcohol may also be liable.

Source: Transportation Nation, “Montana Among States to Crack Down on Drunk Driving in 2011,” Jackie Yamanaka, Dec. 31, 2011