Accidents involving large commercial trucks often result in severe injuries for those involved. Victims in these cases need to work with a skilled truck accident attorney in Montana who can handle every aspect of their claim, including determining liability and negotiating with all parties involved to reach a fair settlement. Truck accident victims also need to find an attorney willing to take their case all the way to trial if necessary.

Here, we want to discuss the four most pertinent factors that truck accident victims need to keep in mind when selecting their attorney.

1. Years of Experience

When looking around for a truck accident lawyer in Montana, we suggest exploring your options. Do not pigeonhole yourself into only speaking to one lawyer before you proceed. As you visit various attorneys, ask each one about how many years of experience they have. Additionally, you need to make sure that you ask about which particular attorney at a firm will be handling your claim. Often, an experienced attorney at a firm will be used to draw in clients, and then the case will be handed off to more junior associates. Make sure that you know how much experience the attorney handling your case has.

You should also do Internet research to determine how long the law firm or attorney has been practicing. You can do a quick search online at the State Bar of Montana to find out which attorneys are licensed and presently authorized to practice law in the state.

2. Experience Handling Truck Accident Claims

Not all attorneys are exactly alike. When you are looking for help with a commercial truck accident case, you need to find a skilled personal injury lawyer who has experience handling truck accident claims. Do not waste your time contacting real estate attorneys, estate law attorneys, or family law attorneys. You need to find a lawyer who focuses exclusively on personal injury law so that you know you are in good hands.

When you go to an attorney’s website, look to see if they discuss any successes related to truck accident cases. If you have any questions about whether or not an attorney has handled commercial truck accidents, ask them directly when you go in for a free consultation.

3. Prior Results

If you begin narrowing your truck accident lawyer search down to a few picks, start looking at testimonials on their website. Most law firms will have their results and track record history outlined on their website, but do not stop there—type in the attorney or the law firm name that you are considering into an Internet search engine. Specifically, search to see if they have handled any commercial truck accidents.

If you have any questions about the experience level of the attorney you are considering, we do encourage you to ask them directly about their prior results with regards to truck accident injury cases.

4. Client Reviews

In general, you will find that attorneys and law firms will have a page devoted to testimonials provided by prior clients. This is a good place to start, but again, broaden your search. The Internet has plenty of information, and you will generally find reviews related to an attorney or a law firm on third-party or non-biased websites as well.

5. Cost

Ensure that you discuss the attorney and law firm’s fees before entering a contract with any attorney. While many attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that the attorney only collects money if their client wins the case, other attorneys and law firms can charge an hourly fee.

It is important to discuss the fees that a prospective law firm will charge during your initial consultation.