When walking in Billings, it is important to be aware of your surroundings in order to avoid being involved a car accident. Although the actions of motorists can sometimes be impossible to predict, taking simple precautions can help keep you safe and, in the unfortunate of an accident, can help maintain your position of being in the right.

While it’s not always a viable option, it is important to stay on the sidewalk or designated walking areas whenever possible. They are designed to allow pedestrians to move in a safe manner and not hinder or impede traffic.

If there are no sidewalks or walk paths available and the road must be shared then it is important to stay as far away as possible from traffic by flanking the edge of the road that is the furthest away from moving vehicles. If at all possible, it is best to walk in the direction that is facing moving traffic. This increases situational awareness in the event that a distracted driver may veer off the road or otherwise potentially cause an unsafe situation that may compromise the safety of pedestrians that may cross the vehicle’s path.

Additionally, it is imperative that pedestrians are also alert and not engaged in any action that can divert their attention from the traffic around them. This includes keeping their eyes on the road in front of them and not being distracted by smartphones or other similar devices, as well as headphones or similar listening devices.

While these are indeed good tips to keep in mind whenever travelling on foot, unfortunately some accidents are unavoidable due to the actions of drivers. These accidents can cause severe injury and burden the victim with medical debt. Seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can sometimes help construct a solid plan of legal action in such situations.

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