Residents in Montana often rely on the trucking industry to get their goods and shipments delivered to them on a timely basis. This is especially true with the holidays around the corner, relying on these large trucks to deliver their orders on time. Whether a truck is delivering a shipment to residents or is transporting a cargo tank to a business, it is important that truck drivers are aware of potential risks that could lead to an accident.

While any kind of truck accident is a serious incident due to the massive size of these vehicles, rollover crashes are a concern because they are often caused by truck driver error. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA has created a training tool for commercial truck drivers that drive cargo tanks transporting hazardous materials in order to reduce rollover crashes with these particular trucks.

Truck rollover prevention starts with understanding the cause of these crashes. The FMCSA found that over 78 percent of rollover incidents were caused by driver error, therefore, their training tool focused on what a driver can do to prevent these types of accidents.

The vehicle design and performance can play a role in the rollover crash. Because of that, truck drivers and trucking industries should ensure that cargo trucks are properly designed and performing up to standard. Load effects can factor into a rollover crash, therefore, drivers should understand what they are transporting and how that will impact his or her maneuvers.

Road conditions can impact the driving of a truck driver, therefore, truck drivers should avoid sudden movements, control their load in turns and straightaways, be able to identify high risk areas on the roadway, remain alert and attentive behind the wheel and control and maintain proper speed cushions.

When a rollover crash occurs, it is important to understand the cause. Those harmed in the incident should establish whether driver error was a factor and if a negligent truck driver was to blame. This could help an injured victim with a civil action, such as a personal injury claim, and help him or her recover compensation.

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