Montana residents know that driving can be dangerous business. Unfortunately, vehicle accidents occur every day on the streets of Billings. In fact, recently, there was a car accident on Brooks Street in Missoula. According to reports, the rear-end collision involved two vehicles. It is not clear, but there is a possibility that another car was also involved in the accident.

The reports indicate that there were two individuals who were transported to the hospital after the accident. One of the individuals had to be carried away on a back board. He may have suffered an injury to his back or neck. The injuries were reported to be non-life threatening.

According to the reports, the police are still investigating the accident. The cause of the crash is not known at this time. However, there are many possible reasons these types of accidents occur. Distracted driving due to cellphone use, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, careless driving, driving at excessive speeds and driving while exhausted can all be contributing factors to such accidents.

If someone is injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, he or she may be able to recover damages to compensate them for any injuries. Some forms of compensation that may be recovered in such an action include reimbursement of lost wages due to an injury, reimbursement of medical expenses and damages for pain and suffering. It may also be possible to recover monetary damages for any permanent impairment or disability caused by the injuries suffered in the accident. It is important to obtain as much information as possible prior to initiating such an action in order to obtain the best result.

Source:, “Two hurt in Missoula crash on Brooks Street,” Mike Powers, March 8, 2013