Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. In fact, statistics published bythe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration say that every ten second a person is involved in a car accident. Recently, according to the Montana Highway Patrol, two drivers were listed in critical condition after their vehicles collided with each other on Highway 200.

The head-on collision involved a Jetta and a Ford pick-up truck. The 22-year-old driving the Jetta was listed in critical condition while the driver of the pick-up suffered such severe injuries that he had to be airlifted, and nearly lost his foot in the crash.

The MHP indicated that drivers were not restrained by seat belts at the time of the collision and this likely contributed to the severity of their injuries. Further noting that excessive speeds, and potentially alcohol use likely played a role in the car crash.

In general, all drivers on the road have an on-going duty to obey all traffic laws. This includes observing all speed limits, wearing one’s seatbelt, and not driving a vehicle while intoxicated. Both civil and criminal liabilities may exist when alcohol is involved. Based on the available information, in the case above, one or both drivers failed to observe at least a few traffic laws.

Nevertheless, it is unfathomable as to what the families of the two accident victims are going through. A negligent driver who causes serious injury or death may be liable for damages. The victim or their family may be able to recover compensation for medical bills directly resulting from the accident, any future medical expenses, lost wages, loss of consortium, pain and suffering and more.

Source: KGVO, “Two Injured Wednesday in Head-On Collision on Highway 200 Near Missoula,” Peter Christian, July 5, 2013