For some motorists, one will drive more cautiously on certain roads or during certain times of the day. For example, during rush hour, drivers are prepared to stop frequently. Whether a driver decides to use more caution on the highway, in major intersection, during traffic or inclement weather, a drive always has the duty to drive safely while behind the wheel of the vehicle. While this step helps better protect the motorist and passengers, this does not protect them from a negligent party.

Negligence can come in all forms, and a recent speed study by the Montana Department of Transportation discovered a variety of reasons causing collisions in a particular area. This speed study was requested following a recent crash at the intersection of West Broadway and Flynn Lane; however, the findings presented more than just the cause of the car crash.

The results indicated that in the past three years, this intersection has been subject of numerous crashes. Moreover, it was discovered that five of the six two-vehicle crashes occurring during this time period were caused by left turns.

After further investigation, it was found that Flynn Lane intersects West Broadway at an acute angle, which causes drivers turn left to look over the person’s shoulder to see the traffic of Broadway. Additionally, it was found that roughly 900 feet to their right, drivers are accelerating from 45mph to 55 mph. This condition also leads to an increase in intersection crashes in this area and roughly 30 percent of traffic citations in this area were for speeding violations. This has resulted in the recommendation to extend the 45mph limit past this intersection.

Therefore, based on this study, those involved in a collision at this intersection could have been harmed due to a speeding motorist or a negligent driver turning left. Additionally, the design of the intersection and the speed limits in the area could have played a role; therefore, the city could also be held accountable for the collision.

This recent study highlights the importance of fully understanding the cause and mechanism of a car accident. Further investigation and even an accident study could assist those injured in an intersection crash. If negligence was the cause, those liable could be held accountable for any resulting injuries, damages or losses.

Source:, “Clear trend of accidents spurs studies of West Broadway intersection,” Peter Friesen, Aug. 26, 2016