Today, life is fast paced. And we are constantly being presented with more technological advances to aid use with this condition. The upside to this is the fact that we are a nation that is constantly advancing and evolving; however, the downside is that we are more disconnected than ever. Individuals in Montana and elsewhere are so in tune with what is happening on his or her phone, that they miss what is going on right in front of them. And sometimes, what they miss is the road ahead of them, the traffic signals around them and the vehicles next to them.

Distracted driving is a growing issue, and the group most likely to cause this hazard on the roadways is teen drivers. According to data collected from 2013 by the National Traffic Safety Administration, eight people are killed every day due to a distracted driver and 1,161 are injured in crashes caused by a distracted driver.

In order to educate teen drivers of the dangers involved with multitasking and texting while driving, programs have been developed. These programs illustrate the gruesome effects of distracted driving. Teens are given tours of hospital trauma centers and testimonies from trauma survivors are provided to raise awareness.

Educational programs help teens get the message and could help reduce further accidents caused by distracted driver. Unfortunately distracted drivers injure many unsuspecting victims and have their lives greatly impacted due to another driver’s negligence. It is important to note, however, that there are recourses available to victims. A personal injury claim could help address any losses or damages caused by serious injuries suffered in the collision.

Source:, “This New Approach May Help Teens ‘Get The Message’ About Distracted Driving,” Robert Glatter, Nov. 29, 2016