A two-car collision on South Billings Boulevard may be the fault of a distracted driver who lost control due to an argument between passengers. According to a Highway Patrol officer, the car accident took place after midnight on October 1 when a Ford Expedition swerved into oncoming traffic near Riverfront Park and collided with a Nissan Sentra.

According to reports, two female passengers in the Ford Expedition were in the midst of a heated argument when the rear seat passenger reached into the front and bumped the driver’s arm. Even though the swerve resulted in only a glancing collision, the occupants of the Nissan Sentra and both passengers in the Ford Expedition were transported to the hospital for treatment.

At last report, the passenger of the Nissan was listed in fair condition and no information was available for the other accident victims. However, the Highway Patrol officer on the scene said that the occupants of the Nissan had suffered serious injuries.

The driver of the Ford was arrested on four criminal charges including driving while intoxicated. Unfortunately for the injured victims, the driver was also charged with operating without insurance.

When an accident caused by a driver’s negligence results in injuries and medical expenses, victims normally pursue the insurance company of the at-fault driver to seek compensation for injuries. Obtaining fair compensation from an insurance company often depends on the assistance of an experienced professional. Obtaining fair compensation from an uninsured driver makes professional assistance even more important.

When the party responsible for a car accident has no insurance, injured victims need to be especially diligent to make sure the at-fault driver bears the responsibility for injury-related expenses. Montana accident victims should know that they do not need to give up when a driver has no insurance. An experienced professional can help pursue legal avenues to recover expenses from an uninsured driver.

Source: Billings Gazette, “4 injured in 2-vehicle crash on S. Billings Boulevard,” Oct. 1, 2012