With hundreds of millions of cars and other automotive vehicles travelling on American roads every day accidents do and will happen. In the majority of accidents where victims sustain injuries that are directly attributable to the negligence of either one or more parties that are involved in the accident, it is important to hire competent legal representation to negotiate with the insurance companies the terms of the settlement on the victim’s behalf.

While by law the insurance company is responsible for fairly compensating the victim, they may actually beat around the bush, and may renege on their duty to give just compensation to accident victims who may have sustained injuries in a car, truck or motorcycle accident.

Essentially insurance companies will try to get away with paying out as little as possible what they owe on their settlements. Accident victims in Montana will find it helpful to learn that, with over 30 years of litigation experience in representing accident victims, the legal team at Heenan Law Firm has the knowledge and the expertise to represent their clients at the negotiating table and successfully compel insurance companies to payout what their clients deserve to be compensated often times without the need to go to court.

Our clients can rest assured that if the insurance company refuses to pay fair compensation the Heenan legal team will effectively and aggressively take the company to court and do everything they can to extract the maximum compensation their clients are owed.

Whether the accident involves cars, motorcycles or trucks you can rest assured that our personal injury law firm has the knowledge and experience to get things done leaving our clients with the sole focus on getting better and recuperating from their injuries with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their interests are being properly represented in court.

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