Spring is here and people are out walking. People are choosing to walk to places instead of driving. This is especially true near university campuses. Drivers unfortunately do not watch with caution for pedestrians. With more people out walking the chance of a car accident is higher.

A man was walking near the University of Montana on Arthur and Daly. He was using the crosswalk when he was struck by a car. The man was taken to the hospital by an ambulance. The man was injured. The extent of his injuries was unclear at the scene of the accident. Witnesses noted that he was conscious before being taken by the ambulance to the hospital.

When a pedestrian is hit by a car it is often due to the negligence of the careless driver. Drivers must watch out for pedestrians in the crosswalk as pedestrians have the right of way. When looking at a personal injury claim the injured pedestrian would need to prove that the driver owed the pedestrian legally a duty and broke that duty by their actions. Also that the driver’s actions brought about the pedestrian’s injury. And that the pedestrian was in fact injured. There are also potentially others at fault depending on the conditions of the road and who maintains that road as well as other factors.

When a car hits a pedestrian it is a very scary and serious accident. Injuries are often severe. Medical expenses are often high. Compensation for injuries may be available in a pedestrian car crash. Know your rights when it comes to personal injury claims.

Source: KPAX News, “Vehicle/pedestrian accident near UM campus,” Aaron Traylor, May 8, 2013