Biking is not only a popular pastime for many families and people, but some actually use cycling as their main mode of transportation. As more and more bikes increase on the roads and travel alongside cars, the opportunity for car accidents involving cyclists and motorists is likely to increase. In fact, Montana residents may find it interesting to learn that recently, a bike rider was hit by a car as he was riding to the resort where he had just started working.

The 28-year-old man reportedly had moved to Montana from New York about a month or so before the accident took place and had started a new job at a local resort. He was hit by an SUV on his way to the resort as he was riding through an intersection, which has been described as being especially dangerous for pedestrians and bike riders alike by local residents.

In this particular incident, following the car and bike collision, the 28-year-old ended up underneath the SUV chassis. Rescue crews had to use inflatable airbags to lift the SUV and extract the 28-year-old from under the wreckage. Unfortunately, the 28-year-old bicyclist lost his life in this tragic car accident. The woman who was driving the SUV was not injured by the crash, but, pending the findings of a forensic investigation, potentially could face criminal charges or civil liability in a wrongful death action.

Police stressed that it’s important for bikers when travelling on commuter roads to stick to the right side of the road, travelling in the same direction that the traffic is flowing. Since the accident happened at night, police officers also note that it is important for bikers when travelling on the roads at night to make themselves and their bikes as visible as possible to other traffic, so as to reduce the risk of accidents.

Despite these good tips on bike safety from law enforcement, given that more and more people are choosing to bike and share the roads with cars, incidents stemming from bicycle-car collisions are likely to continue to happen.

Source: NBC Montana, “Whitfish bicyclist dies after being hit by car,” Alli Friedman, Aug. 15, 2014