When a driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, he or she has many critical choices to make and important duties to uphold. If a driver fails to uphold their duty to drive safely while operating a vehicle, he or she is likely to cause a collision. Whether it is due to recklessness, negligence, distractions or intoxication, if a negligent driver harms another person, an accident victim and his or her loved ones will likely endure much hardship in the aftermath of the automobile collision.

At Heenan & Cook, PLLC, we understand that no one intends to get into a car accident. Therefore, it can be difficult to navigate a civil action following an injury causing car crash. Our skilled attorneys have the years of experience to help accident victims in Montana hold negligent drivers responsible for the harms that they caused.

While it is the responsibility of the insurance company of the at-fault driver to compensate injured victims for the physical, emotional and mental injuries he or she has suffered. This unfortunately does not always occur. In fact, insurance companies frequently seek to escape their duty to fairly compensate accident victims. As a result, our law firm is dedicated to helping our clients successfully negotiate with insurance companies.

It is our goal to protect rights and best interests of our clients, while also focusing on the recourses available to them. Whether they have been harmed in a head-on collision, DUI accident, rear-end crash or fender bender, our attorneys have the skills and resources to uncover the information necessary for a civil action. This might require further research, accident investigation, witness testimony and other evidence gathering. Nonetheless, our firm will take the steps necessary to meet the needs and goals of our clients.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s car accident website. Those harmed in a car crash should gain the necessary information, so they can take timely action to protect their rights and interests. Ultimately, this could help them recover compensation for the injuries suffered in the incident.