Driving on roads and highways, even in the best weather can be dangerous. It is important to look out for other drivers and their safety. Sometimes, even being a very cautious driver is not enough to avoid an accident. A car accident can often lead to severe injuries.

Recently, on York Road in Helena a pick-up and a Subaru collided head on. The Subaru was attempting to turn Left onto Wylie Drive. The vehicle was trying to turn from the incorrect lane. The pick-up was coming around the bend and was unable to brake in time to avoid the crash. The Subaru smashed into the pick-up. The Highway Patrol noted that the pick-up had tried to get its brakes to lock in order to avoid colliding with the Subaru. There were some injuries reported at the scene of the accident.

In a personal injury claim, it is important determine who caused the accident. It is also important to know whether the accident was caused by not being cautious enough or if the behavior was reckless. Another important factor courts will look to in personal injury lawsuits is whether the driver purposely acted the way they did in order to cause injury. Laws vary by state, but most have rules about what is considered proper driving and what is not on all access roads. In those situations, wrongdoing and the cause of accidents can be easier established.

Driving is dangerous enough when done properly. When another driver’s lack of caution or even reckless driving causes an accident, a personal injury claim may be possible. Having an expert who can help determine fault is a first step in recovering damages for any injuries sustained.


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