Montana drivers know that icy and snowy weather can make the roads extremely hazardous. That is why all individuals must exercise extreme caution when confronted with icy roads and blinding snowfalls. Recently, a car accident that occurred during extreme weather conditions was reported at the top of MacDonald Pass in Helena.

According to the report, a yellow Pontiac crashed into a beige colored car in a head on collision. The beige car held two passengers and a 1-year-old child. The yellow Pontiac held a mother and her daughter. Although the reports indicate that the roads were virtually covered in ice and the winds were blowing large amounts of snow around, the mother, who was driving the yellow Pontiac, was issued a citation for careless driving. The police presumably believed that she was not driving in an appropriate manner for the hazardous weather conditions that she was facing.

An investigation into the accident is continuing, but three individuals were hurt as a result. Fortunately, the young child escaped with minor injuries and everyone involved were wearing their seatbelts. Otherwise, the injuries could have been much worse.

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Source:, “Two-vehicle crash at top of MacDonald Pass,” Lindsey Gordon, March 17, 2013