The reliance on automobiles is only increasing in Montana and other states across the nation, and as a result there remains a growing concern for traffic safety and accident prevention on roadways across the state and country. While motorists have means to increase their safety by using safety technology in their vehicles and following the rules of the road, this does not always work to protect them from negligent drivers. Some drivers fail to uphold their duty to drive safe while behind the wheel of a vehicle by driving drunk, texting and driving, speeding or doing other dangerous or distracting activities. Serious and fatal car crashes remain a major concern.

According to recent reports, the number of fatal traffic incidents occurring in Montana is up sharply this year when compared to the numbers recorded at this time last year. Based on reports by state officials, as of May 31 there had been 67 roadways fatalities in the state. At this time last year, there were only 50 fatalities.

When considering past trends in fatal car accidents in the state, 192 fatalities occurred in 2014 while 224 road fatalities were documented in 2015. Based on the current numbers for 2016, officials believe that the numbers for the entire year of 2016 will be higher than those recorded for 2015. According to the director of the Montana Department of Transportation, this increase in fatal automobile collisions could be related to the legislatures decision to increase the interstate speed. The speed limit went from 75 miles per hour to 80.

A high-speed crash is more likely to result in serious and fatal injuries when compared to a collision occurring at a lower speed. Therefore, factors such as speed should be considered when addressing fatal collisions occurring in the state. Additionally, other factors, such as negligence and recklessness, should be considered following a fatal collision as well.

The loss of a loved one in a car accident is a difficult event to move on from. However, family members should understand that they may have recourses available to them. A wrongful death claim could help them recover compensation, helping them address financial burdens related to the fatal accident.

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