Drivers young and old are required to follow the rules of the road. While more experienced drivers are able to do this almost automatically, new drivers might have to take extra caution. However, no matter the age of a driver or how long they have been driving, the ability to drive safely can be greatly impacted by distraction inside and outside of the vehicle. If a driver is not being attentive, the person could cause a traffic violation that ultimately leads to a serious car accident.

This is what initiated a recent two-car collision in Billings. According to preliminary reports, the car accident occurred at the intersection of Terry Avenue and 25th Street West. Authorities believe that a 17-year-old girl traveling southbound on 25th Street West failed to yield at an intersection, which resulted in her colliding with a vehicle driven by a 72-year-old man traveling eastbound on Terry Avenue.

The collision of the two vehicles resulted in the vehicle with the 72-year-old man to crash into a nearby house. When authorities arrived to the accident site, the elderly man was reportedly pinned in his vehicle. After being extricated from his vehicle, he was transported to the hospital for his injuries. The 17-year-old girl suffered minor injuries and was treated at the accident site.

Investigation is still ongoing; however, Billings Police cited the 17-year-old for failing to yield for the right of way at an open intersection. Once investigation is complete, this could help establish cause and liability. When a negligent driver fails to follow the rules of the road, the person could cause an accident. Those harmed in the automobile collision could seek compensation for their serious injuries or damages through a personal injury claim.

Source:, “72-year-old Billings man hospitalized after crash sends car into house,” Mike Kordenbrock, Jan. 29, 2016