Some Billings residents may have experienced a temporary power outage recently thanks to an intoxicated teen driver. According to police officers who responded to the scene, a Honda Civic crashed into a utility pole after being rear-ended by a Subaru, and the lights went out for roughly 800 power company customers. The Subaru fled the scene, but the 16-year-old driver and two adult passengers were later apprehended.

Fortunately, nobody involved in the car accident has reported any serious injuries, but the driver and the passenger of the Honda involved in the collision both went to the hospital. The teen driver faces the possibility of criminal charges and has been issued multiple citations, including driving under the influence.

One particularly concerning aspect of this crash is that the teen driver has been cited for driving without insurance. Reports indicate that the driver of the rear-ended Honda suffered injuries that were not characterized as life-threatening, but that description offers no assurance that his injuries will not have lasting consequences.

The Honda driver will most likely have to rely on his own insurance to provide compensation for his injuries. The man’s expenses may include ambulance and hospital bills at a minimum. If his injuries are anything more than minor, he may face unexpected financial challenges resulting from possible lost wages and potential ongoing medical expenses.

When driver negligence results in injuries, accident victims are entitled to compensation under the law. Insurance proceeds do not always cover the full range of expenses associated with accidental injuries. In a case like this, in which the at-fault driver has no insurance, a civil suit may be the only means to obtain fair compensation for injuries.

Source: Billings Gazette, “Hit-and-run crash causes Heights power outage; driver identified,” Zach Benoit, July 23, 2012