Driving in Montana is dangerous. Intersections are particularly troublesome with so many vehicles going in different directions at different times. Using the brakes and turn signals are not only important for the driver, but for the other vehicles to see and to avoid accidents.

During the afternoon of May 24th, a fatal car accident occurred just North of Arlee, Montana. On Highway 93 N at the intersection of Lamoose Lane, a woman’s Cadillac started to waft into the other lanes. The car eventually went through a turn lane and into the lanes into oncoming traffic. Consequently, the car smashed head on into a semi. Pieces from the crash hit the car that was driving behind the Cadillac. The driver of the Cadillac died at the scene. The semi driver was taken to the hospital for injuries. Witnesses said the Cadillac never used the brake or turn signals before the crash.

Careless driving is very dangerous. When determining who was responsible in a car accident for a personal injury claim, it is important to establish negligence or wrongdoing. The courts look to certain elements when deciding negligence in an auto accident. These included whether the driver failed to signal or ignored traffic signs or signals, whether they were driving too fast or too slow, whether they were driving under the influence and also any weather conditions that could affect normal driving.

There are many careless drivers out there. There are sometimes reasons that car accidents occur and fault is not clear. When traffic laws are broken and people are hurt, a personal injury claim may be possible. Knowing your rights in such a situation can help bring relief for the pain suffered.

Source: KPAX 8, “Arlee woman dies in Highway 93 crash,” Bernie Riggs, May 24, 2013.