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We have obtained outstanding results for clients through trial. These results separate us from other injury firms. We maximize our experience and track record to get more money for our clients.

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You don't pay anything out of pocket, and we only collect a fee if we win your case.

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Our attorneys are 100% specialized in prosecuting accident and personal injury cases. We put our experience to work to maximize the results for our clients!

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With offices in Billings, Bozeman, Kalispell and Missoula, we are equipped to help injury victims across Montana. And because we actually live and work here, we care about getting great results for our clients!

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We take the time to return calls and communicate with our clients. Check out our client reviews to see what our clients have to see about Heenan & Cook!

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Montana's Trusted Personal Injury Attorneys

For over 20 years, the attorneys at Heenan & Cook Injury Accident Lawyers have helped hundreds of people across Montana sort through complex personal injury cases, maximizing our experience and trial success to get the quickest and most significant results for our injured clients.

Heenan & Cook Injury Accident Lawyers has built its repertoire of personal injury knowledge through more than four decades of experience in Montana. In this time, we’ve focused almost exclusively on personal injury law. This gives us the concentrated familiarity with these claims clients need for the strongest cases. We handle a wide range of personal injury case types, from workplace accidents to violent crimes. If you don’t see your accident type in the following list, contact us. We most likely represent your type of injury.

Searching for the Best Montana Personal Injury Attorney? Here’s the types of cases we specialize in handling:

  • Auto accidents (including public transportation accidents). There were more than 22,734 total crashes reported during the latest year in Montana. Auto accidents commonly result in serious injuries and are often caused by the careless actions of other drivers.
  • Child injuries Child injuries often occur due to the careless or negligent actions of school or daycare staff. They can also occur due to defective products and dangerous property conditions. Representing children involves unique issues and requires a special skillset.
  • Medical malpractice Medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the United States and can include misdiagnoses, medication mistakes, surgical and anesthesia errors, birth injuries, and emergency room errors.
  • Nursing home abuse Abuse in nursing homes is prevalent and can include physical, mental, financial, and sexual elderly abuse. This can also include neglect of an elderly resident’s basic needs for food, water, medical care, and clothing.
  • Premises liability (including dog bites). Property owners have a duty to ensure the safety of their premises for guests. Failing to do so can lead to unsafe conditions such as slip and fall hazards, unsafe staircases, uneven or cracked sidewalks, loose animals, or negligent security.
  • Product liability Defective products can lead to serious injuries and illnesses for consumers. Products are often defective due to a design flaw, a manufacturing error, or a marketing/labeling mistake.
  • Violent crimes Those who are harmed due to the violent actions of another person may be able to recover compensation through a civil personal injury lawsuit, regardless of whether there are criminal charges related to the case or not.
  • Workplace injuries. Employers have a duty to ensure that their workers are reasonably safe and that they have the proper training and equipment to perform their duties. Often, workers’ compensation claims are denied, and injured workers are left with major medical bills and lost income.
  • Wrongful death Families of those who are killed due to the careless or negligent actions of another person, company, or entity are often entitled to significant compensation.

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We are passionate about making sure our clients get fair and just compensation. We will not let the insurance company take advantage of you!

Contact Our Billings Montana Personal Injury Attorneys Today

The key to obtaining the compensation you are legally entitled to is to enlist the aid of a Billings personal injury attorney who is well-versed in investigating the facts, gathering critical evidence and documenting losses, whether medical or property damage, and who will truly be a strong ally in your corner.

Our lawyers are passionate about helping victims of personal injury accidents. We know exactly how to assess these cases, gather evidence, and provide effective legal counsel. We may be able to help you obtain fair compensation for your damages. Let us help you get back on your feet after a personal injury disaster. Learn more about how we could help your family during a free consultation at our local law office.

How is Negligence Determined in Montana?

Determining liability comes down to proving negligence. Negligence is a legal theory that refers to the failure to use reasonable care in doing something, resulting in another person’s injury or other damage. Negligence can take many shapes and forms, according to the situation. Anything that a reasonable and prudent person would or would not have done in a similar circumstance could constitute negligence in the state of Montana.

Common Examples of Negligence in Billings Personal Injury Accidents

  • Distracted or dangerous driving. Distracted and negligent drivers cause thousands of serious personal injuries and deaths in Montana every year. It is every driver’s legal duty to reasonably prevent injuries to others on the roadway. Failure to do so, causing a car accident, is negligence. Common examples include drunk driving, drowsy driving, texting and driving, speeding, and ignoring the right-of-way.
  • Lack of property maintenance. Premises liability claims arise when a landowner negligently cares for the property, resulting in hazards such as slip-and-fall risks, property defects, malfunctioning equipment, dangerous staircases, loose animals, exposed wires, toxic substances, and uncovered swimming pools. The owner will be liable if his/her negligence caused the accident in question.
  • Medical negligence (malpractice). Medical malpractice describes the failure of a health care practitioner or facility to adhere to the accepted standards of patient care in the medical industry. Inadequate patient care, misdiagnoses, medication errors, surgical mistakes, birth injuries, and malfunctioning medical equipment are all examples of health risks that should not exist under reasonable circumstances.

If you’re not sure whether someone else’s negligence played an integral role in your or a loved one’s recent accident and injuries, consult with our attorneys to find out. We’ll listen to your side of the story, review your medical records, and learn as much as we can about your case. Then, we’ll help you determine the defendant(s) we believe are liable for your damages.

Next, we’ll file your personal injury claim against the negligent person or entity within Montana’s three-year statute of limitations. Your financial future could depend on the lawyer you choose as your representation.

What Type of Compensation is Available for a Billings Montana Personal Injury Claim?

There are various types of compensation available for personal injury claims. While no two cases are the same, the following are often awarded in a personal injury settlement or jury verdict:

  • Coverage of medical expenses (past, current, and future)
  • Recovery of lost wages if you are unable to work
  • Loss of future earning potential
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages

In cases of gross negligence, punitive damages may be awarded. These damages are designed as punishment for the person who caused the injury and to deter future similar behavior.

The total amount of compensation awarded in a personal injury claim will vary from case to case. Settlement amounts depend on a variety of factors, including the severity of the injury, the total cost of medical bills, the level of pain and suffering, and more.

What are the Most Common Types of Injuries a Person Sustains in a Billings Montana Personal Injury Claim?

The types of injuries we represent in these cases vary widely. It is not uncommon for our Billings personal injury lawyers to represent clients who have sustained the following:

In many work injury cases, we also help clients who are suffering from repetitive stress injuries, hearing and vision loss, respiratory illnesses, and certain occupational cancers.


Consumer Protection

Our firm recovered a $45M settlement from a national telecommunications company in an important protection case, enforcing important consumer laws.


Sexual Abuse

Our firm recovered a $9M settlement on behalf of multiple victims of childhood sexual abuse at a public institution. The case helped change Montana law with respect to holding child sex abusers accountable.


Wrongful Death

Our firm received $4.6M judgment against a bar that served minors, resulting in a wrongful death of a young man.

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“I was able to put my life together with the help I received from Heenan & Cook”

I was in a car wreck that totaled my truck, left me injured and kept me out of work. Joe jumped on my case and began working right away. He got my medical bills paid, secured a fair payment for my truck damage, and collected a great settlement from the insurance company. When my uncle and cousin were hurt in a car wreck, I had zero hesitation recommending them to Joe.


Joseph Cook: He's a great lawyer, honest and true, but above this he is a friend to his clients. He worked hard for me and got a settlement I never dreamed of. If you were lucky to get this man as your attorney, you would be the luckiest people that I know.


I had an accident that left me with a severe ankle injury that required several surgeries and months of physical therapy. This injury also had me out of work for several months. I was unsure of how to even tackle the insurance companies, bills, and paper work that were happening as I was trying to recover. It was suggested I get legal representation... My decision to retain an attorney insured me time to concentrate on more recovery and getting back to my everyday life.


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hy hire a Montana personal injury lawyer?

After an accident involving serious personal injury, insurance adjusters try to reach a quick, cheap settlement agreement. It is the insurance adjuster’s job to convince accident victims to settle for the lowest amount possible. The adjuster works for the insurance company, not for you. Do not let insurance companies take advantage of you after an accident. Instead of accepting a hasty settlement amount over the phone, contact accident attorneys at Heenan & Cook Injury Accident Lawyers so we can go to work for you- protecting your rights and maximizing your settlement.

Free Initial Consultation

During your free initial consultation with one of our experienced Montana personal injury attorneys, you learn about your rights and the other party’s responsibilities to you. We analyze your case and give you our professional legal opinion about what you should do moving forward. If we believe you have grounds to file a personal injury claim, our firm will handle all the paperwork on your behalf. Our team will be there for you every step of the way, contacting the defendant and negotiating settlements, if applicable. We will also take over all communications with insurance companies if desired.

Access to Important Resources

When you work with one of our accident and personal injury lawyers, you gain access to numerous legal resources and tools. Your accident lawyer will have an understanding of the federal and Montana laws involved in your case, and he or she will know the wisest steps to take moving forward. You will not have to shuffle through the mountains of paperwork or speak to insurance companies on your own. A lawyer can help you feel safe, secure, and confident in a time when you need it.

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