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Child sex crimes can include any sexual contact of a minor under 18 years of age, including sexual abuse, assault, or molestation of minors. Child sex crimes are serious and come with heavy penalties in the state of Montana. As the victim of a child sex crime, you may have the right to seek justice and financial compensation from the offender, either during or after a criminal trial.

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Heenan & Cook, PLLC is a law firm passionate about protecting the rights of sex crime victims in the community. John Heenan has a strong history of representing child sexual abuse victims in Montana.

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  • We have more than 30 years of experience counseling personal injury victims.
  • We have extensive experience handling sex crime cases involving child victims.
  • We care about clients, and do not charge for our services unless we win.

Our lawyers are not afraid of taking child sex crime cases to court in Billings, if necessary, for justice and fair compensation. We have years of settlement negotiation and litigation experience.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

A child sex crime case can be complex, emotional, and hard to navigate as a victim. Speaking about your experience with lawyers, insurance claims adjusters, police officers, and investigators can be difficult on its own, without also having to worry about someone infringing upon your rights.

Hiring a lawyer will ensure you protect your rights and prevent the defendant’s insurance company or attorney from taking advantage of you. It will also maximize your odds of obtaining compensation for your losses.

2019 Montana Bill Would Eliminate Statute of Limitations for Child Sex Crimes

Montana may soon pass a new bill that would remove the statute of limitations on reporting child sexual crimes in the state. House Bill 109 would eliminate language in Section 45-1-205 of the Montana Code that gives minor victims of sex crimes 20 years after their 18th birthdays to report felony sexual offenses, and five years after turning 18 to report misdemeanor sexual offenses. The new bill, if passed into law, would eliminate both statutes of limitations entirely, giving victims of child sex crimes in Montana as much time as they needed to come forward with criminal reports.

Attorney John Heenan is one of the bill’s supporters, and a representative of 31 child sexual abuse victims from Miles City. His clients were all victims of high school athletic trainer James Jensen. At a conference for the bill in January 2019, he called the state’s current statute of limitations a measure to “protect child molesters and pedophiles,” not to protect victims. The bill has 11 proponents and no opponents. If the bill passes, victims of child sex crimes in Montana would have as long as they needed to come forward with criminal allegations.

Who Is Liable in a Child Sex Crime Case?

It is possible to file a civil claim against the perpetrator in a child sex crime case, in pursuit of financial recovery for physical, emotional, and financial damages, as long as the victim files a claim within the state’s deadline. However, other parties may also share liability for the incident.

If the sexual abuse cases happened on school grounds, for example, the school may share liability if it reasonably could have prevented the incident, such as through better hiring procedures or more reliable child supervision. A lawyer can help identify all potential defendants in a child sex crime case.

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