While the phrase “car accidents” can sometimes conjure images of shattered glass and dented metal, sometimes a car accident can involve a much more vulnerable vehicle-a bicycle. In certain situations, these accidents can be more damaging than others due to a bicycle’s limited protection. Thankfully, not all accidents involving bicycles and cars end in the loss of a life. However, such accidents still can cause injuries that demand an investigation into who was responsible for the accident. One such example of these accidents occurred recently in Billings.

While there are not a wealth of details available, a Billings bicyclist was sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries after being involved in an intersection car accident. It seems that a Honda Accord and a Chevrolet Avalanche crashed in the intersection and during the immediate aftermath of the accident, the bicyclist was hit. While negligence has not yet been determined, police are investigating the incident.

Determining negligence in car accident situations, no matter the extent of the injuries, can be extremely important. If it is discovered that the negligence of another party was the cause of the accident and therefore the cause of injuries suffered, damages for medical bills and more can be sought.

This particular accident did not result in the loss of a life, some unfortunately do. Especially in the those heartbreaking cases, victims have the right to know who was responsible for that loss or, in lesser circumstances, injury. Seeking the assistance of an experience attorney can help those involved move through the investigation process and hopefully claim the proper damages.