Many people simply walk into their favorite stores to buy items such as toys, tools and other goods. At the consumer level there is an expectation that the manufacturer of the product has done their due diligence to ensure that the product is either safe for use or human consumption. In fact, manufacturers have a duty to ensure that products are safe. Similarly, retailers have a duty to make sure that they products they sell are safe and will not harm people.

Though Montana residents may not realize it, all too often manufacturers of products and retailers who sell them are generally aware of the potential dangers a defective product may pose. Recalls by regulators often occur long before the consumer finds out through other means, such as the news or a letter in the mail. During this time both the manufacturer of the defective or dangerous product and the retailer may develop legal strategies to limit their potential liability.

Examples of defective or dangerous products include but are not limited to: children’s toys, medical devices such as a pacemaker, car parts such as tires, brakes and airbags and faulty machinery or power tools. Additionally, pharmaceuticals drugs, such as weigh loss medication and blood pressure medication, can also cause serious injury and result in death.

Anyone can be harmed by a dangerous product or defective drug. Individuals who have suffered serious injuries may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. The Heenan Law Firm can evaluate a client’s specific facts to determine if a product liability lawsuit can be filed and develop an effective legal strategy to maximize the chances of getting compensation for injuries.

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