Have you been harmed or injured by a dangerous or defective product? If yes, regardless of the type of defective product that was involved in the incident, staff at the Heenan Law Firm can help sort through the facts, evaluate the circumstances surrounding the incident and determine legal options for those injured.

Our experienced Montana-based personal injury law firm offers product liability litigation; whether its faulty tires or misfiring airbags, age inappropriate toys that can pose choke hazards or foster sharp, piercing or slicing edges to their design, we will explore every avenue and leave no leaf unturned in evaluating every option that is available to our clients.

Countless cases of personal injury caused by defective products go unreported. Where an injury occurs due to a malfunction or defective product, the manufacturers of these products may be negligent and those injured may be entitled to compensation. But, every case is different and requires careful evaluation. If a manufacturer was negligent, our staff will work diligently and tirelessly to get those injured by the defective product just compensation. The Heenan Law Firm has over three decades of experience in the personal injury products liability arena.

In addition to defective products, our firm also offers representation to those who have been injured by dangerous and defective drugs. These include drugs such as weight loss medication, blood pressure drugs and other pharmaceuticals which may result in both physical and mental harm to the consumer. Such cases tend to be complex and may require expert testimony. While you recover from your injuries, it is our job to skillfully handle your case and look into all options to get you just compensation.

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