Painful neck ache after fender bender car crash

Every year, many people are injured in auto accidents on Montana roads. Tragically, in 2021, 240 people lost their lives in these accidents. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in such an accident, we understand the pain you must be going through.

At this time, you need the best auto accident lawyer available on your side. You need someone to fight for your rights while you focus on your recovery. But how can you find the best accident lawyer to handle your case?

Simply searching online for “best accident lawyer near me” is risky. So instead, why not follow our car accident lawyer guide? These helpful pointers can narrow down your search and help you to make a great choice.

Ask for Referrals

We sincerely hope that none of your friends or family members have been injured in an auto accident. But if they have, they could be a great starting point when hiring an attorney. If they pursued a claim for compensation, they’ll no doubt have an opinion about the attorney who represented them.

Ask them about:

  • The professionalism of the attorney
  • How regularly they communicated with them
  • The compensation they achieved for them

This may give you a starting point for your search, and it may reveal some to avoid! While this makes a great launch pad for your search, it should only form part of your research.

Check Out Reviews

Online reviews are another valuable tool when you’re thinking about hiring a lawyer. Of course, you can’t always take reviews at face value. Even the best accident lawyer may have one or two disgruntled former clients.

How the law firm responds to the review can tell you a lot. Do they follow them up courteously and try to resolve complaints? If so, this shows that they’re committed to providing great customer service.

The comments of former clients can also help you to get a feel for their professionalism, communication, and legal expertise.

Consider Their Experience

Every lawyer has to start somewhere, but it doesn’t have to be with your case. Look for a lawyer who has more than general legal experience. They should have a proven track record of successfully handling this type of auto accident case.

Feel free to ask them about how long they have been practicing as a car accident lawyer and how many cases they have won. You can also ask them about their trial record, bearing in mind that many cases do not go to trial.

Your goal is to feel confident that they have the expertise and experience to see your case through to the end.

Schedule Case Evaluations

Many car accident attorneys will offer a free case evaluation. This is a chance for you to meet with the attorney and see how comfortable you feel about working with them. You can discuss your case and show them any evidence that you have.

This could include:

  • Police reports
  • Photos and videos from the crash site
  • Medical reports

The attorney will listen carefully to your story and ask pertinent questions to get a good idea of what happened. They will also check that the case falls within the relevant statute of limitations.

The lawyer will use their experience to evaluate the case and decide whether they feel the case will be successful. If they feel confident, they may offer to represent you.

This is a good opportunity to can ask them about the challenges they anticipate. If they can’t think of any, that could be a red flag. It may mean that they have not thoroughly understood your case or may not have enough experience with this type of auto accident.

Feel free to schedule case evaluations with several lawyers before deciding which one is the right fit for you.

Professional Environment

When you hire an attorney, you don’t just hire one individual. Everyone in the law office plays their part. This includes all team members, from the people working at the front desk to the paralegals and administrative staff who support the attornies.

When you enter the law office, does the environment feel confident and professional? Are the staff attentive and courteous?

During the case evaluation, ask the lawyer about the team who will work on your case. Feel free to ask about their experience. After all, they are crucial to the success of your auto accident case.

Also, ask the lawyer about communication. How often will they communicate with you? Will the lawyer communicate with you directly, or will another person be the regular point of contact?

Establishing this early on will help you to decide whether they are the right lawyer for you.

Compare Fee Arrangements

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that if they are not successful in achieving compensation for you, there will be no fees to pay. However, this does not mean that all lawyers charge the same fees when the case is over.

Ask each lawyer you interview about their fee arrangements. Normally, this will be a percentage of the total settlement. However, be sure to ask whether any other fees will be deducted.

When comparing lawyers, always make sure that you are comparing like for like. One lawyer’s percentage may be lower because the bill will have lots of fees and expenses added afterward. The best auto accident lawyer will be upfront about their fees and will not charge hidden extras.

The Best Auto Accident Lawyer For You

The best auto accident lawyer is experienced, caring, and committed. An attorney who will see your case through to the end and fight for your rights.

At Heenan & Cook Trial Lawyers, we have decades of experience in successfully fighting for compensation for our clients. Schedule a free case evaluation today to see how we can help you pursue the damages you deserve.