In 2020, there were 213 accident-related fatalities in Montana. This does not account for the thousands of injuries that occur in these collisions.

You may wonder if you need to hire a car accident lawyer if you are involved in an accident.

For minor incidents and fender benders, legal help may not be necessary. However, when you hire a lawyer, you will experience several benefits.

Here, you can learn why hiring a car accident attorney may be smart.

1. Investigate the Accident and Gather Evidence

After an accident occurs, it is recommended that you gather evidence at the scene by taking photos and getting contact information from witnesses. However, this is not always possible.

If you cannot collect evidence, you can contact a Montana personal injury attorney who can do this on your behalf.

The attorney you hire will conduct a thorough investigation to find out how the accident occurred and determine liability. They will also gather evidence that shows who is liable for the situation.

2. Communication with the Insurance Company

Most auto insurance companies are focused on protecting the company’s bottom line. In a car accident claim, this means taking steps to reduce or deny your claim.

Even if you have a legitimate claim, it may be denied in hopes that you will “forget about it.” However, hiring an attorney gives you legal help in these situations.

The attorney you hire knows the tricks and tactics used by insurance companies. They can handle communication on your behalf and negotiate with the insurance adjuster to help you receive a fair settlement offer.

Also, by allowing your attorney to communicate with the insurance company, you do not have to worry about saying something that may be used against you.

3. Knowledge of the Law

Unless you have gone through law school, you probably do not know all the nuances of personal injury law. The legal system is complex, and not knowing all the ins and outs of what you must do can cause problems.

Hiring an attorney means you have someone representing your interests who knows the law and how it applies to your case.

Additionally, hiring someone local to your area means they may have established relationships with the court system and insurers, which could be beneficial for negotiations.

An attorney will know what deadlines apply to your case, what evidence is needed, and how to pursue the maximum compensation for your car accident claim.

4. Ensure You Have a “Fair Fight”

The insurance company has countless attorneys searching for ways and reasons to deny or reduce your claim.

If your lawsuit goes to court, the at-fault party will likely have an attorney. You need the same legal representation to create a “fair fight” when recovering compensation for your injuries and losses.

5. Determine the Full Value of Your Claim

After a car accident, you will likely wonder – what is my case worth?

Unfortunately, there is no simple or black-and-white answer to this question.

For example, cases involving more serious injuries, such as a TBI (traumatic brain injury) or spinal cord injury, will be worth more than those that did not cause serious injuries.

However, other factors impact the value of your claim, too.

An attorney will know what to consider and how to provide an estimate of what a fair settlement offer would be. This information can help you know when to accept or reject an offer from the at-fault party’s insurance company.

6. Maximize Your Settlement

If you try to negotiate with the insurance company without legal representation, you will likely receive “low ball” offers. This is because insurance companies know you do not have the negotiation skills or knowledge that a car accident lawyer does.

However, with legal representation, you can maximize your settlement.

An attorney will know how to negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you get the full compensation you deserve.

Finding the Right Attorney Matters

After a car accident, finding the right personal injury attorney matters. Not all attorneys in Montana are created equal, nor do they have the same knowledge and expertise.

Put time and effort into this decision by asking for recommendations and researching the options in your area. This will help you find the best options for your situation.

The right attorney will have experience representing cases like yours and provide you with the high-quality representation you deserve.

Some questions to consider when searching for the right attorney include the following:

  • How much experience do they have representing car accident victims?
  • How often are their cases successful?
  • What is the average value of the settlements their clients receive?
  • Does the attorney or law firm have a positive reputation in the community?
  • How does the attorney charge for legal services?
  • What is their preferred method of communicating with you?

Be sure to answer these questions and create a short-list of attorneys that may meet your needs.

Let Our Car Accident Lawyer Help with Your Case

The information above outlines the importance of having a car accident lawyer representing your interests.

Evaluating the legal services they provide is important to ensure they are suited for your case.

Do you need assistance with your car accident case? Are you searching for reputable and reliable legal representation?

If so, contact our legal team at Heenan & Cook Trial Lawyers by calling (406) 839-9091. We have a track record of obtaining record-setting verdicts and settlements for Montana car accident victims, and can help you with your case and ensure you get the best possible representation and maximum compensation for your car accident claim.