Protecting Yourself From Failing Air Quality Grades in Montana

It is important for our health to keep the air clean in the surrounding environment. A recent study shows that a sharp increase in short-term particle pollution for several Montana counties has harmful effects on air quality. Understand the causes and effects of particle pollution to protect yourself from its danger. Understanding Particle Pollution You… read more

What Does the New Montana Lane Splitting Bill Mean for Motorcyclists?

Lane splitting is controversial in the United States, but recent bills proposed by state legislatures are trying to make it legal. Montana is among the states with current lane splitting bills. If the bill is passed, it could change things on the road for motorcycle and automobile operators. Learn more about lane splitting in Montana… read more

Know Montana’s Biking Laws to Stay Safe on the Road

Whether you are a cyclist, a pedestrian or a driver, it is important to be familiar with the rules of the road. When everyone using the road is aware of the laws and abides by them, it creates a safer transportation experience. Stay up to date on Montana’s biking laws to prevent injury and liability… read more

FMCSA rules address distracted truck driving caused by cell use

Drivers in Montana frequently share the road with large commercial trucks. While semi-truck and tractor-trailer truck drivers have to follow the same rules of the road other motorists are required to do so, these drivers are also required to go through specific training and follow additional rules. Because a truck accident can have horrendous effects,… read more

Economic damages recoverable after a car accident

The suddenness of a car accident is not only shocking to the victims that it impacts, but it is also the likely cause of many hardships for the victim. In addition to the pain and suffering due to the resulting serious injuries of the accident, victims in Montana and elsewhere are also likely to suffer… read more

Wrong-way driver causes 3-car crash in Montana

For motorists in Montana, it is not uncommon to share the road with a variety of other vehicles. It is, however, uncommon to encounter a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction. Due to distractions, carelessness or intoxication, some negligent drivers may enter a roadway in the wrong direction. This could lead to a serious and… read more

How often do diagnostic errors occur and what harm can result?

The person most Billings, Montana, residents turn to when they are not well or something is wrong with his or her health is a medical professional. These people are considered medical experts, and patients rely on these experts to use their training and knowledge to determine what is wrong and what the best course of… read more

The failure to diagnose appendicitis

Suffering a common ailment does not always mean that a medical professional will timely and properly diagnose the issue and successfully treat the patient. Unfortunately, various errors could happen in the process of coming to a diagnosis, leading to some unfortunate events for some patients. The failure to diagnose even a minor or common medical… read more

Helping car accident victims protect their rights

In the fast-paced momentum of life, residents of Montana often have much to accomplish and get done throughout the day. While this makes for a busy lifestyle for some, this does not mean that completing these daily tasks while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Distractions come in many forms, but motorists are frequently distracted… read more

How serious is distracted driving?

Owning an operating a motor vehicle is important to many Montana residents. And while much thought goes into the vehicle type and where a motorist will drive it, much thought should go into what a motorist does behind the wheel of a vehicle. Because we live in a fast-paced world, our days are filled with… read more