Volkswagen Jetta owners in the Montana may find it interesting to know that the owner of a Volkswagen Jetta has filed a lawsuit against the car manufacturer after experiencing a serious malfunction of the airbag system while she was driving her car.

The car owner also filed a lawsuit against her insurance company in connection with the lawsuit filed against the car’s manufacturer. According to the lawsuit documents, the plaintiff was allegedly driving down an Interstate Highway when all of a sudden without provocation two of her airbags deployed. One of the airbags that was deployed was the driver’s side door airbag and the other one was the one on the back of the driver’s seat.

The driver was adamant that though the two airbags deployed that nothing happened to the car that would have triggered their firing mechanisms. She was able to safely coast the vehicle to the side of the road without incident after the airbags went off.

She then claims to have contacted her car company to inform them of what had happened at which point they instructed her to have the car towed to the nearest dealer to have the car inspected. She alleges that once the diagnostic checks were performed the dealer claimed to have located damage to the undercarriage that was a likely explanation for why the airbags deployed, and refuted her claim that the airbags triggering mechanisms malfunctioned and caused the airbags to deploy suddenly without cause.

The woman, however, suggested that the damage to the undercarriage was caused by either driving through a pothole or may have been caused by the carelessness of the towing company that towed her car to the dealership for inspection. She also accused the car manufacturer of knowing beforehand of the malfunction with her model cars airbag module.

Specifically, she has accused Volkswagen of failing to issue a recall for the faulty airbags in a timely fashion, to notify her in a timely fashion of a recall to repair the faulty airbags and associated faulty modules in her Jetta and failing to design and assemble a vehicle that is free from car defects.

She is seeking damages for her pain and suffering as a result of the airbag alleged malfunction in addition to a host of other sums of money to cover, among other things, car towing charges, vehicle repair costs and the like.

Those dealing with a defected car or are harmed by an unsafe product may want to seek guidance and assistance with filing a claim. This will help ensure they take the proper steps and protect their rights.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Jetta owner files product liability lawsuit after airbags allegedly malfunction and deploy,” Kyle Barnett, April 28, 2014