Montana residents should be interested to know that a major automotive airbag manufacturer named Takata has been the center of a major recall that has affected over 30 million automotive vehicles sold in the U.S. alone. What makes the recall so pervasive is that Takata furnishes airbags for many of the world’s leading automotive companies so the problem isn’t relegated to one brand or model but covers a swathe of automotive offerings across a wide spectrum of manufacturers, price points and vehicle types.

In the U.S. the recall has affected car models made by 10 different car manufacturers. The recalled vehicles require that their respective dealer’s replace either the front airbags on the driver’s side or the passenger’s side and in some instances both. The malfunctioning airbags were mostly installed in car models that range from 2002 through 2008. However, recently the recall for some models was expanded to include all vehicles that were manufactured through 2014.

The principal reason that causes the airbags to malfunction has been identified as the airbags inflator. The inflator is basically a metal cartridge that contains propellant wafers which in defective units ignites to inflate the airbags with an overly excessive force that is sufficient enough to rupture the unit’s housing, and thereby propelling metals shards that make up the housing straight at the passengers and the other occupants in the vehicle. To date there have been six confirmed deaths that have been attributed to the malfunctioning airbags as well as over a 100 related injuries.

This is certainly a major recall. Those involved are encouraged to take the necessary steps to fight for compensation for any damages they may have received because of defective products. In cases of manufacture defects, an experienced attorney can help guide those involved through the process, hopefully reaching a favorable outcome.

Source: Consumer Reports, “Everything you need to know about the Takata airbag recall,” June 5, 2015