New parents across the country, including those in Montana, often choose to use formula to feed their newborn child. However, the popular brand Enfamil was recently removed from the shelves of all Walmart stores following the sudden death of a 10-day-old child, leaving many parents questioning the safety of this product.

The makers of Enfamil, Meade Johnson Nutrition, may find themselves facing product liability claims and the possibility of a wrongful death suit should investigation into the death of the child reveal a link between the product and the infection contracted by the child.

When the child began exhibiting symptoms of being ill, his parents rushed him to the hospital. There, doctors quickly performed tests and discovered the presence of the bacteria Cronobacter sakazii in his system.

Medical personnel did what they could to help the child, but the infection proved too difficult to fight and the little boy died a few days later. According to a number of reports, the bacteria have previously been linked to tainted commercial formula.

Walmart independently chose to withhold sale of the brand until tests are completed, citing a desire to be cautious under the circumstances. The nationwide retailer could also potentially face liability if it continues to sell a potentially dangerous product.

At this time, it remains unclear whether the formula was the source of the rare bacteria. Officials are currently testing the container of formula used to feed the child along with the water supply. Investigators are also considering environmental conditions surrounding the mixing and feeding as possible factors.


Source: NY Daily News, “Walmart pulls popular baby formula Enfamil after 10-day-old Missouri infant dies,” Nina Mandell, Dec. 22, 2011