Most people typically take dietary supplements such as calcium, multivitamins, and vitamin B pills. Consumers expect manufacturers selling dietary supplements to be regulated and to offer safe products for consumption. However, Montana residents will find it interesting to learn that recently the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning against using the Purity First vitamin B supplement, B-50, because it contains two anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids can cause liver damage and have long-term health effects on those who consume them.

In its warning to consumers, the FDA noted that the B-50 supplement contains a controlled substance and another substance which should not be in a dietary supplement. The product is labeled as a dietary supplement, but does not disclose to consumers that it contains two anabolic steroids. Not only is this non-disclosure dangerous to the health of the consumers, but it is also illegal.

According to the FDA, they received nearly 29 reports of side effects from consumers ranging from muscle cramps, fatigue, and pain to abnormal lab results in liver and thyroid function. Further, female consumers reported hair growth and impact on their monthly menstrual cycles, while male consumers reported impotency and low testosterone levels. Although no deaths have been reported, some consumers have been hospitalized.

Despite the FDA’s warning, the manufacturer has not recalled the product or warned consumers. Presently, the B-50 supplement is sold online and in several drugstores. Anyone who believes that he or she has suffered harm from consuming this B-50 supplement should first and foremost contact a doctor for medical treatment..

Source: International Business Times, “FDA Warns Consumers To Avoid Vitamin B Supplement With Steroid Content,” Sreeja VN, July 27, 2013