For most motorists in Montana, it is not uncommon to share major highways and interstates with large commercial vehicles such as semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks. And while some drivers might feel uneasy driving next to these massive vehicles, when trucking companies hire adequately trained drivers, maintain the rigs and follow federal trucking regulations, sharing the roads with commercial trucks can be a fairly safe experience. Unfortunately, this does not always occur, which presents various risks to motorists. Additionally, this could result in a serious and even fatal truck accident.

While there can be many reasons and causes for truck accidents, this post will focus on those caused by the errors and negligence of truck drivers and truck companies. Because truck drivers are frequently required to travel long distances and work long hours, commercial truck drivers are often considered to be skilled, experienced and patient drivers. However, when truck drivers or trucking companies fail to comply with the regulations that outline safety rules for commercial trucks, this can result in a truck crash.

A common cause for a truck crash is inadequate truck driver training. This means that the truck driver has not been properly trained to maneuver the vehicle, address safety concerns and even utilize defensive driving techniques. Another common reason for truck collisions caused by truck drivers is a system of compensation by trucking companies that encourages faster vehicle speeds and more hours of service than what is advisable. This means that drivers and trucking companies are violating federal trucking regulations.

A final common cause for truck accidents is an unrealistic schedule and expectations placed on truck drivers by trucking companies. This encourages drivers to hurry and ignore safety concerns. This presents several risks for both truck drivers and other motorists traveling on the roadway.

If a negligent truck driver has injured people or their loved ones, it is important to understand the cause. Further investigation could help determine the cause and assign fault. This can also help place liability, assisting an accident victim with a personal injury claim.

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