According to reports, recently a 45-year-old truck driver was formally arrested and charged with a felony in connection with a fatal hit and run accident that occurred last September. Some may be surprised to hear that even though the accident occurred in Montana, the 45-year-old was arrested in another state.

The man is expected to be extradited to Montana to stand trial. The charges against the 45-year-old truck driver stem from an incident wherein the semi-truck being driven by the man, struck and tragically killed an 81-year-old man who was walking.

According to police affidavits, the 45-year-old truck driver initially stated that he had either hit a deer or hawk. However, the truck driver’s co-driver indicated that he was in the semi’s sleeper compartment when he felt an impact, as if the truck had hit something. The co-driver indicated that the 45-year-old semi-truck driver was upset following the incident and was upset that he had hit someone. In addition to the 45-year-old truck driver, who shortly after the incident left his job at the trucking company he was working at, two other people were also implicated in the 81-year-old man’s hit-and-run death.

The tragic and untimely loss of a life under such circumstances is unfathomable. It is impossible to imagine what the family of the man killed in the hit and run is feeling. Given the size of a semi-truck, and potential of a large trucking company being involved, generally, truck accidents and crashes can get complex.

For anyone who has been injured in a semi-truck accident or for a family that has lost a loved one in an accident involving a semi it may help to consult with a truck accident personal injury lawyer to have one’s case evaluated. An injured party may be able to seek compensation for medical expenses, funeral and burial costs.

Source: KRTV, “Truck driver charged in deadly Montana hit and run,” Jan. 25, 2014