Safety is often a top concern for Montana parents when they buy toys and other items for their infants and small children. Even when these products are designed with safety in mind, defects can occur, resulting in unsafe toys or defective baby equipment. This could result in serious injury to the baby or child using these products.

In order to avoid some of the dangers of defective baby and children’s products, it is important to look at product recall lists. When a manufacturer or retailer recalls a certain product due to a specific defect or risk, this can be discovered on available open sources. Whether the recall was voluntary or ordered, consumers can understand when and why a recall was made.

Some products may appear safe and work as intended when first used; however, defects could present themselves later on. One item of concern is baby slings. While these are used to hold a baby close, allowing a parent or adult to keep their hands free, they can also become very dangerous or even fatal to an infant. There is a risk of falling and there is also a risk of suffocation.

Additionally, toys can be unsafe due to the component parts and paints used to make them. Although lead paint has been banned since 1978, it is still possible lead could find its way into your child’s toys. Therefore, it is important to be aware of what toys are made of, vintage or new, so no harm is caused to your child.

If a toy or baby equipment is defective or unreasonably dangerous and causes harm to your child, it is important to understand there are recourses available. A products liability claim could hold any negligent parties liable while also providing compensation for any resulting injuries.

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