Parents in Montana are likely familiar with “sippy” cups. They are small, cute containers tailored for children’s drinks. One particular type of sippy cup was recently sold by the retail giant Target. The cup is fashioned to look like a small toy bunny with handles on both sides, and it comes in either pink or blue.

Now, however, it is unlikely a parent will be able to find this particular sippy cup in Billings or anywhere else. The manufacturers of the children’s cup have recalled the possibly defective product due to the risk of eye injury. In total, the company recalled 264,000 of the dangerous cups, which were sold by Target from February through April of this year.

During that period, there were six reports of injuries. Apparently, the plastic ear of the bunny poked children when they used the cup as intended. In three of the reports, children suffered cuts and bruises. There was no word as to whether the cups caused any disabling eye injuries.

While manufacturers generally try to provide safe products for children, those same products may nevertheless turn out to be dangerous. Sometimes the injuries caused by defective or dangerous products make headlines. Other times, they do not. Regardless, defective products too often cause painful and even life-threatening injuries to their users.

Companies in Montana and throughout the nation must take great care in manufacturing and selling goods. Otherwise, children and adults alike may suffer injuries through no fault of their own, and if that happens, manufacturers or distributors could be held liable for negligence in civil court.

Source: CBS News, “Recalls this week: Children’s sippy cups, jackets,” April 27, 2012