While no motorist or vehicle passenger plans on being involved in a collision, he or she should understand the recourses available to him or her following a serious incident such as a truck crash. These vehicles are very large and could easily cause much destruction following a collision. Therefore, victims and their loved ones should be prepared to hold the party at fault for the injuries and damages caused by the unfortunate and tragic incident.

At Heenan & Cook, PC, we understand that it can be difficult to navigate a legal action following a truck accident. With over 30 years of experience, our law firm has helped past clients develop the most appropriate legal strategy for their matter, helping them recover the compensation he or she deserved.

A serious accident such as a truck crash often means that victims will endure much medical treatment. The medical bills can become overbearing and the recovery and rehabilitation process can be emotional and overwhelming. On top of that, victims often face insurance companies attempting to escape the responsibility to fairly compensate them for their injuries and damages. Our lawyers are knowledgeable and skilled at the negotiation process and have helped past clients successfully secure the compensation they sought from the truck company’s insurance company.

When a driver is negligent, he or she should be held responsible for the losses and damages they caused. In the event of a truck accident, victims might be able to hold the truck driver, the truck company and other parties liable for the incident.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s truck accident overview. This website could provide general information, helping to inform victims and their loved ones of the options available following a truck crash. This could help them take timely action to protect their rights and best interests in the matter.