Motorcyclists are more likely than occupants of automobiles to be killed and suffer serious injuries in accidents because of the lack of barriers between them and the other vehicle involved in the collision. Montana residents may find it interesting to learn that recently a hit and run accident involving a 56-year-old motorcyclist and a pick-up truck, left the 56-year-old motorcyclist dead. The accident is still under investigation, but the 34-year-old pick-up truck driver was arrested in connection with the tragic incident.

Preliminary accident reports indicate that the accident happened early in the morning around 1:00 a.m. when the 34-year-old driver of a pick-up truck did not stop at a red traffic light at an intersection. As a result of the failure to stop, the pick-up truck rear-ended a motorcycle that was waiting for the light to turn at the same intersection.

The 56-year-old motorcyclist unfortunately took on the full brunt of the impact and emergency responders could do little to save the man’s life. The motorcyclist was declared dead at the scene of the accident.

According to law enforcement familiar with the accident, following the collision, the 34-year-old pickup truck driver fled the scene of the accident. He was arrested shortly thereafter and is facing a vehicular homicide charge. Furthermore, investigators determined that alcohol played a role in the crash. According to police investigators the 34-year-old pick-up truck driver was so intoxicated when he was arrested, that he had no recollection whatsoever of slamming into the motorcycle earlier that morning.

It is beyond one’s comprehension to imagine what the family of a motorcycle accident victim who loses his or her life in an accident goes through. The fact is though, that a lost life cannot be brought back. Because of this, it may possible in some circumstances to hold the negligent motorist who precipitated that event responsible for damages.

Source: KTVQ, “Billings motorcyclist killed in hit-and-run accident,” Jon Stepanek, Aug. 22, 2015