Billings readers may want to seek advice from a trusted medical professional if they have been using a product being marketed as a pain relief supplement under the brand name “WOW.” According to the Food and Drug Administration, the so-called supplement is nothing more than a relabeled version of a dangerous product previously sold as Reumofan Plus.

The FDA issued warnings in June and August of this year to alert consumers to a risk of harmful side effects that may result from using the product, which the manufacturer bills as a treatment for ailments ranging from muscle pain to bone cancer. Prior to issuing its warnings, the FDA had received reports of bleeding, liver damage, stroke and fatal injury associated with the product.

The supplement, manufactured in Mexico by Riger Naturals S.A., contains three drugs that are normally available only by a doctor’s prescription. The product label does not disclose its prescription contents and the exact amount of each drug present is unknown due to a lack of advance testing.

Some users of the product may experience adverse side effects from one or more of the prescription drug components. The possibility for negative drug interactions presents an even greater concern. If doctors and pharmacists are unaware of a patient’s supplement use or of undisclosed drugs contained in the product, patients may be at high risk of mixing drugs that can lead to serious injuries.

One of the drugs contained in this particular supplement is a type of steroid that can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms and health risks unless dosages are cut down gradually. Montanans who have been using this dangerous product under any brand name may want to consult a doctor before abruptly discontinuing its use. Those who have suffered injury or adverse health effects from using the product may want to consult an experienced personal injury attorney to help determine whether they have grounds to seek compensation under the law.

Source: Forbes, “FDA Supplement Warning: Reumofan Plus Relabeled as “WOW” Still Contains Undeclared Prescription Drugs,” David Kroll, Dec. 26, 2012