With the weather getting warmer and spring time finally here there are many more motorcycles on the road. It is important for other motorists to make sure motorcycles have the same consideration as other vehicles. Motorcycle awareness is important in avoiding a motorcycle crash.

In Bozeman a van hit a motorcycle on Norris Road on the afternoon of May 5, 2013. The Motorcyclist was new to Bozeman and was an employee of Montana State University. The motorcyclist was riding in a group of four other motorcycles at the time of the accident. At the scene he was given CPR but died before the sheriff arrived. The motorcycle rider was wearing a helmet.

Motorcyclists are very vulnerable on the roads. They are not as protected as other vehicles and are more exposed to the hazards of the road. Injuries are often more serious with fatalities more common than other motor vehicle accidents. Careless drivers of cars and trucks often do not bother to see the motorcycles sharing the roadway with them. When there is a motorcycle crash it is important to establish the negligent motorist when filing a personal injury claim. In Montana, as long as any wrongdoing in an accident is less than that of the negligent driver, compensation may be possible. Even if the motorcyclist was somewhat at fault as long as the fault is mostly the negligent driver than recovery may be possible. It is important to note also that insurance laws may be different for motorcyclists than other drivers as well.

In a motorcycle accident injuries are often severe and sometimes fatal. Medical expenses can pile up quickly. Establishing negligence in a personal injury claim is crucial. It is important to know your rights if injured in a motorcycle crash. Remedies and compensation may be available to the person injured due to the negligence of another motorist.

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