Our Montana residents who love to drink coffee may find it helpful to learn that Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., has officially acknowledged that it will be recalling over seven million coffee and hot beverage brewing units that it has sold to date. According to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the company has reported receiving nearly 90 reports of users that have been injured after being sprayed by the scalding hot liquid that was brewing inside the machines.

The company stated that the beverage brewing machines affected by the defect can likely overheat when operated by the user and, in some instances, spew out hot liquid under pressure that can burn or scald anyone standing close to the machine. According to the company website, defective machines are most likely to malfunction when they are used to make multiple cups in quick succession.

Not all models that have been sold are affected by the recall. The specific model that is being recalled by Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., is called the Keurig Mini Plus brewer. The company was able to narrow the number of affected units down to any machine whose model number is K10 and has a serial number that starts with the number 31. According to the company, the affected units were all manufactured from Dec. 2009 through July 2014.

In total, the company estimates that there are about 6.6 million machines in the United States that are affected by the recall. Keurig has announced that it has a fix for the defect and will fix it. Thus, if anyone owns a defective model, they are encouraged to contact the company for further assistance. However, for others who suffered burn injuries or harmed simply by the use of the coffee brewing machine, may find it helpful to contact a products liability attorney for more information.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Keurig Recalls 7.2 Million Coffee Machines That Can Burn Users,” Dec. 23, 2014